"Ultimate patient care," usually greets customers as they enter Nuvo Dental’s reception area.

Consultation Room

Every patient has unique dental needs. We conduct consultations to discuss what kind of treatment is best suited for your particular requirements.

Operating Room

For minor oral surgeries such as odontectomies (wisdom tooth removal), apicoectomies, frenectomies, periodontal surgeries, cyst removals and enucleation treatments, Nuvo Dental has installed an ultramodern equipment to ensure that the most sensitive procedures are handled in the best possible care. Apart from its most advanced dental chairs, electrocautery machines, criticare machines, auto-blood-pressure and ECG machines and pulse oximeters are installed to support treatments.

Treatment Rooms

Nuvo Dental patients undergoing "regular" procedures are pampered with the latest technological breakthroughs that the industry can afford.

Sterilization Room

Nuvo Dental is very strict with quality control and infection prevention. We have our in-house sterilization room, ensuring all tools and equipment are clean and suitable for our patients.

X-ray Room

Nuvo Dental has state–of–the–art technology that uses cutting–edge technology to take clear and precise images of your teeth so that our dentists can prepare accurate treatment plans for you.